Netizens’ criticism turned out to make Helen Flanagan addicted to sexy poses

English Premier League star, Scott Sinclair is fortunate to have a beautiful and sexy lover, Helen Flanagan. The beauty body shape of her lover managed to attract millions of residents of social media especially on Instagram media.

This status has just happened, where Helen got a global attack from citizens because they were accused of often posing sexy with her baby. Interestingly here with a lot of criticism, it did not make Helen pessimistic, even continuing to repeat the action with a hotter pose.

All this hustle began in August 2019, where Helen uploaded a photo wearing minimal underwear in bed with her baby, Delilah, who was only 14 months old. It did not take long, the post immediately invited many pros and cons comments.

If filtered deeper, then more comments gave birth to a scathing view that considers Helen’s attitude to be inappropriate with a sexy pose with the child.
“You are a mother. Stop this !!!!!!!!!!!, Just a little uneasy about posts like this. “XXX,” wrote the citizen.

Getting this comment turned out not to make Helen deterrent, even she considered a breeze. Maybe it’s an act of her own, then Helen returned to upload photos with lingerie with her baby, and even more crowded by inviting other children like Matilda (4 years) to take pictures together.

Helen now spends more time in Scotland. This is not separated from the career path of football player, Scott Sinclair, who currently joins with Celtic. If it draws deeper, then Helen is known as a model and also an actress who increasingly posts sexy photos on Instagram after officially becoming a mother.

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