Netizens feel happy after Sassha Carissa has clarified she still not married yet

Sassha Carissa recently sparked speculation from Netizens regarding her Instagram posts. How come? The sexy model uploaded a photo of her posing with two small children. Inevitably, Sassha is said to be married.

Sassha Carissa herself is a beautiful model who often appears in adult magazines. No wonder he is also dubbed as one of the nation’s unifying netizens. Sassha’s Instagram account is also loved by men, even now there are more than 1 million followers.

Naturally, through her personal Instagram account, Sassha often uploads sexy photos. However, the post was not too long ago. In this post, Sassha appeared to pose with two young children, then wrote a caption that gave rise to speculation.

“What are the similarities between Young Mama and Young Mango?? We present a photo of a hobby at the mall with kiddos, “she wrote.

With this post, many Netizens commented and began to speculate that Sassha Carissa was married, while the two would be her biological children.

“We’ve got married,” commented the account @ yefriaja123.

“Are you kids? It’s funny,” said @doncahyanto.

In fact, not a few Netizens also asked directly by sending a Direct Message to Sassha, asking about their status whether they were married or not. Initially the model chose silence, but finally he tried to provide clarification.

“As you all know, humans are created in pairs and marriage is everyone’s dream, so I announce that I am married … wait, you do not be broken hearted, yeah. Hopefully my clarification can answer all incoming messages,” she said.

Of course hearing the clarification is not a few Netizens who breathe in relief, because they know Sassha is still not married.

“I think you’re going to get married,” said the Caesa Icha model.

There are also those who are too serious about reading clarification from Sassha and almost being fooled by it.

“Gosh, I’m reading it seriously,” said @apriyanti_t.

Sassha Carissa itself is still quite active as a model in adult magazines and even shares a number of tips on having sex. No wonder many male netizens have gathered to become followers on Instagram.

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