Lagu Baru Jadi Trending, Warganet Malah Minta Nissa Sabyan Klarifikasi

New Songs Are Trending, Netizens Ask Nissa Sabyan For Clarification

Sabyan Gambus a few days ago has released their latest single with the title “Sapu Jagat”. The song is indeed the third trending song on YouTube, it’s just that netizens who fill the comments column instead ask Nissa Sabyan for clarification.

As of today, March 15, 2021, it has been observed that more than 2.6 million people have watched the video clip “Sapu Jagat” on the Sabyan Gambus YouTube Channel.

Naturally, the song was immediately watched, considering that some time ago two of Sabyan Gambus’ personnel, namely Ayus and Nissa Sabyan, were rumored to have an illicit relationship, thus making Ririe Fairuz as the wife of Ayus Sabyan suing for her husband’s divorce.

In short, the song “Sapu Jagat” is the first song released by Sabyan Gambus after the alleged affair case between Ayus and Nissa Sabyan evaporated to the surface.

No doubt, the comments column was immediately flooded with netizens asking Nissa Sabyan to clarify the accusation, because until now there has been no direct clarification from the 21-year-old woman.

“Nisa km must first clarify it to the public, so that everything is clear,” wrote the angga**** account.

“Instead of clarifying, we actually compose songs,” explained the account novi****.

In fact, there are also netizens who are determined to report Sabyan Gambus’s YouTube Channel because of the problem.

“Sorry sabyan .. you don’t have a conscience, I will report it … at least if you want to wait for this problem, let’s finish an example of your senior seniors who are successful after a problem .. I swear to disrespect jahad,” explained the triana *** account.

However, not a few netizens are still praising Sabyan Gambus’ latest single.

“I swear this song is actually good and really sad, but yes, it is very unfortunate … I hope you will be moved quickly so that you don’t hurt someone’s heart, which means a lot,” said another account.

Indeed, until now there has been no clarification from Nissa Sabyan regarding this accusation of adultery.

Meanwhile, Ayus Sabyan has made a Clarification Video, but it is only an apology without mentioning the name Nissa Sabyan and the affair scandal.

While Nissa Sabyan’s father, H. Komar once spoke up, there he denied the accusations against his son, but Warganet was not satisfied with hearing the explanation from Nissa’s father.

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