Neymar was threatened a 5-year sentence

The French public is horrified by the rape scandal involving a beautiful woman with a Paris Saint Germain star, Neymar. This situation became very difficult when Neymar tried to protect himself from alleged rape, by uploading videos and photos on his personal social media account.

Neymar must fight with local law because it violates the reporting area’s privacy. It has become a hot news in the last few weeks, when Neymar was hit by the issue of rape. Neymar is considered to have committed harassment with a woman known through Instagram.

This hot moment occurred when both parties were agreed to meet in a luxury hotel called Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe on May 15, 2019. In the process, Neymar dared to facilitate all accommodation for her to get to the destination.

The meeting ensued, both of them took action drinking and immediately Neymar drunk. After talking, “at one point, Neymar became aggressive, and had sex by using violence.” The following is a report written by the reporter in the Sao Paulo police.

Hearing the report, Neymar immediately responded by making a media denial. Through Instagram @neymarjr, he uploaded the photos and videos of WhatsApp conversations with the woman. As for the Neymar’s party claims that the act of the woman is an attempt to blackmail the PSG star.

Instead of wanting to clarify this case, Neymar actually looks increasingly squashed. New problems are ready to emerge, because the authorities see a gap in the new case through the action of Neymar, who is considered to share sensitive content on social media. In the sense of the attitude of Neymar posting the contents of the conversation with the victim’s figure becomes the source of new problems.

“Because of this extortion, I was forced to share the life of me and my family. I shared everything and all of my conversations with that woman, all of our private moments. This is a trap and I ended up falling in it, “wrote Neymar in his personal Instagram account.

Referring to the contents of the post, the police have investigated the possible violation of privacy carried out by Neymar, when uploading a picture of the 26-year-old woman who was only wearing underwear. This case was directly led by the Cyber Crime police unit of Rio de Janeiro as the investigation stage.

So far, Neymar has the potential to undergo five years in prison. Neymar is under an unlawful threat designed to protect Brazilian citizens, about taking photos or videos without their permission in material that is of a sexual nature.

Now Neymar must move quickly in an effort to end his case. As a world class player, Neymar should give a positive example to his future successors.

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