Nikita Mirzani advised Gisel to stop record sex videos

Sexy artist Nikita Mirzani again talks about the sex video case involving Gisella Anastasia with Michael Yukinobu Defretes, which has recently become a hot topic of conversation among netizens.

As is well known, this case did end with the confession of Gading Martin’s ex-wife that she was the female actress in the 19-second video.

But fortunately, Gisel was not arrested despite her status as a suspect. Here, Nikita Mirzani admitted that she agreed if Gisel was not arrested, because she really understood Gisel’s position as mother, especially since the person concerned had also apologized.

“Yes, for me it should not be detained, because he recorded it back again, not for sharing. Yes, I don’t really follow the news, but as a woman I feel what she feels, she has a kid and she has apologized too,” said Nikita Mirzani.

According to Dipo Latief’s ex-wife, it is not easy to apologize in public like that, especially since the video has also been widely watched by the public. Yes, in essence, you need high self-confidence to do this.

“To apologize in front of many people and be able to watch by one Indonesian people is not an easy thing. For me. Even if I was in Gisel’s position, I think I have to have a lot of energy and confidence for that,” explained Nikita Mirzani.

Even so, Nikita Mirzani did not necessarily think that Gisel was innocent, because after all her act of recording a video during intercourse was wrong and did pose a great risk, including one of which the video was spread.

“So, back again, what I can give advice is that you don’t have to record it, because for example I was negligent that my cellphone could be messed with. So if one day it spreads it will be a consequence that must be lived,” he said.

Furthermore, Nikita Mirzani considered Gisel lucky enough not to be detained by the authorities, because there were also many parties who defended him.

“Fortunately, many Gisel defenders, so thank God he was not arrested,” he concluded.

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