Nikita Mirzani reveals why she collects debt through Insta stories

Netizens’ frenzy lately has always been on Nikita Mirzani, including when the woman dubbed ‘Nyai’ uploaded an unusual insta story.

Through these instastories, a 34-year-old woman asked her fellow artist, Billy Syahputra, to pay her debt. Nikita claims that the younger brother of Alm. Olga Syahputra had borrowed some time ago to buy a cellphone.

“To Billy Syahputra, it’s the time for you to pay the money that you used to buy cellphone. You already have a lot of money. You still hold my bank account, right? I will wait for you, if you can’t pay 100%, I give you 5 percent discount,” Nikita wrote. .

Obviously Netizens immediately got excited about IG Stories upload Nikita Mirzani, many of whom assumed that Nyai was just looking for a sensation because of writing it in public.

But, Nikita has a reason why she doesn’t send messages directly to Billy Syahputra.

It was said by former wife of Dipo Latief that her number had indeed been blocked by Billy. Not only that, Nikita Mirzani also revealed the real name of Billy Syahputra who turned out to be ‘Jony Roma’.

“So why did I collect debt through Instagram Stories, my phone number was blocked by Jony Roma. Who is Jony Roma? Jony Roma, whose real name is Billy Syahputra, doesn’t know where Billy Syahputra is from,” said Nikita Mirzani.

Many Netter asked about the reason behind Billy’s decision to block Nikita Mirzani’s number. But, the 34-year-old woman did not know the reason and asked Netizens to ask the question directly.

“I don’t know why my number was blocked by Billy Syahputra, so I collect his debt through stories. So, then read the story. So ask me, why is my number blocked by the cellphone that was purchased using my own money,” said Nikita Mirzani.

Nikita then tells how Billy came to her and told me that he needed money to buy a new cellphone.

“So at that time, he came, said he did not have money to change his cellphone, so I said used my money first. It’s expensive, the price of his cellphone was up to IDR 20 million,” explained Nikita Mirzani.

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