Niko Al Hakim finally spoken up about his divorce with Rachel Vennya

After approximately two weeks had passed since the divorce suit was filed by his ex-wife, Niko Al Hakim dared to speak up about his divorce.

For information, previously Rachel Vennya had indeed sued for divorce from her husband, Niko Al Hakim, on February 2, 2021. No need to drag on, on February 16, 2021, the lawsuit was accepted by the South Jakarta Religious Court.

That way, Niko Al Hakim and Rachel Vennya officially divorced both religiously and legally by the State.

In fact, Niko’s divorce from Rachel Vennya has attracted the attention of netizens, because they both often look intimate and look like a harmonious family on social media.

However, recently there were rumors that a third person was disturbing the couple’s household. Unfortunately, Rachel Vennya herself was reluctant to mention the reasons behind the divorce, and so was Niko Al Hakim.

Niko was even silent when asked by netizens about divorce from Rachel Vennya. However, recently the celebrity finally spoke up.

In his uploads on Insta Stories, Niko can guarantee that his two kids will still get the love of their parents, considering that the separation from him and Rachel Vennya went well without any grudges or anything.

“What we show on social media is what it is. But it’s clear what good shows are, the sad times are shared too. But yeah, life must go on,”

“Biru & Chava will continue to grow with great affection from their parents, who are committed to educating them well. Parents who separated well without any grudge” wrote Niko.

The person concerned admitted that his relationship with Rachel Vennya had indeed been in trouble for several months before his ex-wife filed for divorce. But now, there were no more problems between the two of them.

“I and Cel have gone through difficult times months ago, now we are communicating well, and it will continue to do so for the sake of our children,” said Niko.

As for the issue of a third person, Niko chose not to provide any clarification.

“So far, I don’t need to clarify about this news, because it is better to be quiet than to make a drama. And what actually happens is that only we know. So let’s wish everyone the best,” said Niko.

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