Ayah Nissa Sabyan Bantah Anaknya Jadi Istri Siri Ayus Sabyan

Nisa Sabyan’s Father: “My Daughter is Not a Mistress!”

One of the hottest gossip in Indonesia that happened between the two personnels of Sabyan Gambus; Nissa Sabyan and Ayus Sabyan has come to the new chapter. The circulating gossip claimed that Nissa sabyan is already being unregistered wife of Ayus Sabyan. But this gossip denied by Nissa Sabyan’s father, Komar.

This gossip started when Ririe Fairuz filled for divorce to her husband, Ayus Sabyan on January 2021. But recently it was revealed that the reason why they divorced is because of an affair issue.

The public is increasingly surprised to hear about this gossip because the mistress of their household is Nissa Sabyan, which is the vocalist of Sabyan Gambus.

This gossip is also been clarified by the younger brother of Ayus Sabyan, Fadhila Nova.

The more we come, the gossip is getting wilder, It said that Nissa and Ayus Sabyan have done their marriage in an unregistered way that valid in Islamic law. But this Rumor was denied by Nissa Sabyan father, Komar.

“It’s not true, I am Nissa Sabiyan father so I know Umi(Nissa Sabyan’s nickname) so well” Komar said.

At the same time, Komar is also trying to dispute the gossip which claimed that Ayus and Nissa is always ordered a connecting room everytime they stay at hotel while they are gig in another city.

In this case, Komar said that Nissa is never alone when she wan on their gig on other country, Nissa is always accompanied by her brothers and sisters.

Komar sure if his daughter won’t destroyed someone’s household, so Komar will not apologize to Ririe Fairuz who declare to be widow after the problems that occur to her household.

“I felt like there is nothing to apologized, so I have nothing to say” Komar said.

So far, theres no clarification from Nissa Sabyan, while Ayus Sabyan already made his clarification and apologize to public but he did not specifically mention his affair with his band vocalist.

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