No competitors, Javier Tebas once again bcomes President of La Liga

For fans of Real Madrid or Barcelona, of course Javier Tebas’s name is familiar, the article of this one often commented on the two clubs and their players. Javier tebas himself is President of the Spanish La Liga, and recently he was re-elected to hold that position for the next four years.

The re-election of Javier Tebas as president of the Spanish La Liga was due to the removal of an extraordinary congress to elect the New President. This is because there is no person who advanced to compete with Javier Tebas to become President of La Liga. As a result, Javier Tebas won, because he was the only candidate.

Javier Tebas is famous for having various breakthroughs that made the public shocked. The side of controversy often becomes material for him to determine a decision. He made various surprising steps since replacing Jose Luis Astiazaran in 2013. However, despite the controversy, Tebas also brought some positive changes and fruitful results, including the growing popularity of the La Liga brand as well as income distribution for small clubs.

The president’s decision to make small clubs other than Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Valencia or Sevilla get an even income from the sale of broadcast rights, so they can move more freely in the transfer market. The positive effect is the higher competitive level of La Liga due to many clubs who dare to buy good players.

The policy area is one of the controversies of Javier Tebas. He often fights with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). This is related to the interests of the national team and domestic league. There was a heated debate related to the ongoing El Clasico this season. In addition, the President also planned to hold several La Liga matches in the United States to Saudi Arabia.

Some of these ideas have certainly drawn a lot of criticism, not least from the La Liga players themselves. But anyway, in the end Javier Tebas returned to become president of La Liga.

“Javier Tebas was officially appointed as La Liga president for the next four years. Javier Tebas was elected without the need for an extraordinary congress,” writes the official La Liga statement.

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