No more Jose Mourinho on Juventus’ transfer list

Jose Mourinho entered as a replacement candidate for Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus. But all that seems unclear and the latest news is that Juventus have crossed Jose Mourinho’s name. Investigated, the coach himself refused to cooperate with the Bianconeri.

Mourinho is the name of the most awaited coach by Juventus fans. Since being kicked out of Manchester United in December 2018 then, until now the former Real Madrid and Chelsea coach has not got a new club yet.

It has become normal news when Juventus is not only eyeing Mourinho’s name, but there are names like Josep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. However, these two great coach figures immediately expressed rejection.

Mourinho’s name appeared reported on request from Juventus mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo. The record of the appearance of the Portuguese player while working with Mourinho at Real Madrid was fairly neat.

Mourinho became the coach of EL Real for three seasons from the 2010 season. Total Ronaldo played 164 matches by scoring 168 goals. But unfortunately, the beautiful period will not be repeated again as Mourinho refused the Juventus offer.

There are many reasons for the refusal, but what is certain is the matter of Mourinho’s love for Inter Milan which cannot be overthrown despite Juventus paying big fees. As for history created with Mourinho, in 2010, just before he joined Real Madrid, Mourinho managed to make Inter Milan the only Italian team capable of reaching the treble winner.

Noteworthy history as Inter played on the European stage with the status of a dark horse. But they were able to show the quality and big ambitions successfully defeating Chelsea and Barcelona. Success defeated the two big teams, Mourinho then brought Inter to the final by facing Bayern Munich.

History was created with Inter winning 2-0 over the German representative. It was this special moment that decided Mourinho not to accept Juventus’ offer, as they were Inter Milan’s eternal rivals on the Italian Serie A stage.

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