Nobu admits the sex video case with Gisel disturbed his love affair

Michael Yukinobu Defretes, or who is more familiarly known as Nobu, is obliged to report again as a sanction given by the authorities following the sex video case with Gisella Anastasia which had shocked the Indonesian people.

As is known, the sex video case was initially not recognized by Gisel, but in the end, Gading Martin’s ex-wife admitted it and the man in the video was known to be Michael Yukinobu Defretes alias Nobu.

Both were named suspects, but did not have to languish behind bars. Both Nobu and Gisel had to make a report.

Even so, it is clear that the sex video case influenced Nobu and Gisel’s image to a lesser extent. Much deeper, Nobu even admitted that the case interfered with his love affair with his lover whose identity he kept secret.

“I used to have (GF), because of this problem (sex video cases), we are taking a break,” said Nobu after compulsory reporting at Polda Metro Jaya.

However, Nobu was reluctant to explain in detail his problem with his lover. What is clear, his love affair has been temporarily rested, since he was named a suspect in the sex video case.

“Yes, just take a break first. Yes, it’s a bit (a problem). The break up was actually after being a suspect,” said Nobu.

Unfortunately, Nobu did not reveal whether he or his lover asked for a break. But it can be sure that the communication between him and his lover is still going on, although it is not that intense.

“Yes, we are still (in communication). How many weeks is this,” said Nobu.

Regarding the identity of his lover, Nobu could not reveal it to the public, what was clear was that the woman was not a celebrity like Gisel.

“Not (a celebrity), yes she is Indonesian,” he continued.

Interestingly, since the sex video case evaporated and Nobu was named a suspect, there have been many women who have sent private messages on social media to Nobu. Most of them wanted to marry Nobu.

Nobu himself saw it as a form of moral support in the midst of this case.

“That’s my positive thinking, the form of support, yes, because I think their form of support to me is funny,” said Nobu.

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