Noel Gallagher stopped Guardiola dock at Juventus

Speculation about the future of Josep Guardiola and Manchester City continues to blow, the days are increasingly becoming and cannot be released that the coach will soon be docked to the Italian Serie A champions Juventus.

Hearing this news, the former Oasis band member and the true Citizens, Noel Gallagher is so furious and brave to prevent the departure of the former Bayern Munich coach. The impact that has been given by Guardiola to Manchester City is extraordinary.

Although he had fasted the title in his inaugural season, Manchester City immediately stepped on the gas in his second season and managed to win the English Premier League title along with the Carabao Cup. This season is Guardiola’s third season, and during this season Manchester City immediately locked the Carabao Cup trophy after defeating Chelsea in February 2019.

Interestingly here, when looking at Manchester City opportunities in the English Premier League, where while this is still ahead of its champion competitors, Liverpool are only one point adrift. The statistics shown by Guardiola are actually satisfying the hearts of his fans, including Noel Gallagher.

With a serious expression Noel Gallagher said that he would not let Guardiola leave the Etihad Stadium.

“Guardiola to Juventus? I won’t let it! Guardiola is a great figure and coach, and also a good person. He is great, “said Noel Gallagher.

It can be proven in the English Premier League, but Guardiola has not been able to prove himself in the Champions League. This season they failed again after being eliminated in the final round eight after losing two legs from Tottenham.

Responding to this, Noel Gallagher was not too concerned about the failure of Guardiola in the Champions League as the best European League competition sometimes requires a little luck to be able to advance to the highest peak.

“What they have done in the Champions League requires a little luck, but there will always be next year. We don’t have to do it now. The season per season always sees which cities will hold the Champions League final,”

“So just call it, and if it’s not then Azerbaijan, I would say that we don’t need to win it. But if in Rome Italy, we have to win it, “closed Noel Gallagher.

In the remainder of the two Premier League matches this season, Manchester City have to wipe out all of the games, and first they will face Leicester City this weekend, where their victory will be their price to defend the title and win against Liverpool.

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