Not accepting bullied by netizen, Candy Dinar is ready for virginity test

Sexy DJ Dinar Candy has recently come under the spotlight and is accused of being no longer a virgin by Netizens. Not accepting the accusation, Dinar was then determined to prove that she was a virgin by conducting a virginity test.

Dinar Candy has been in the spotlight lately, related to her statement in an interview on Nikita Mirzani’s Youtube Channel. One of the questions posed by Nikita Mirazani also ignited a controversial answer.

At that time, Nikita Mirazani asked about the experience of Dinar Candy filling events outside Indonesia as Disc Jockey aka DJ. Whether during a tour around the world Dinar had a relationship with men out there or not.

Well, when answering the Sexy DJ agreed that he was once a ‘one night stand’ or in love one night with a man from Italy. Because of that answer, Netizens then highlighted the 27-year-old woman and accused her of not being a virgin anymore.

But who would have thought Dinar Candy even felt emotional, she too was planning to do a virginity test to prove that the accusation of Netizens was not true.

“I don’t want to say much now haha. I’ll prove it later. I’m calling a doctor, I don’t have a gynecologist. I will called my doctor ‘doc, do you have a gynecologist friend? I want to do virginity test, “said Dinar Candy when met at the Trans Tv Building.

Dinar Candy hweself admitted that she was quite shocked by the bullies from Netizens, because she suddenly received slicing comments.

“I was suddenly bullied on social media until I was read by mothers,” the association of children today is like the destroyer of the nation blah blah blah “a lot of talking,” Dinar Candy said.

Therefore, Candy Dinar was not accepted, she then immediately contacted her personal doctor, planning to do a virginity test. She did not want to talk much and would only provide concrete evidence.

“I immediately because I was hot yes, yes I’ve made a schedule with my doctor. Because I can’t prove it now. Now, if people talk, people will definitely bul ** it. I’ll display the proof later, “concludes Candy Dinar.

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