Not believing in God before, Dena Rachman finally converted to Christianity

Transgender artist Dena Rachman admits that she has decided to change her religions, now she chooses to convert to Christianity.

However, Dena Rachman said that in the process of converting her beliefs, she did not believe in the existence of God himself. Her doubts arise due to many factors, including environment and life experiences.

“I am not a person who believed (God) before because my experience, my life struggles were added to what people say. Doctrines, stigmas, I don’t believe it,” said Dena Rachman on YouTube Daniel. Mananta Network.

Dena Rachman began to not believe in God, because she felt that her life was not fair. God did not create herself like any other normal man, so there is a sense of hatred that comes with believing in God.

“If you really exist and you love your people, why was I made like this? So, I was very hateful at that time,” said Dena Rachman.

So what is the reaction from the family regarding Dena Rachman’s decision to change religions?

The 33-year-old woman said that initially the family was very shocked, more precisely like they did not accept it. They even seemed more receptive when Dena chose to be transgender.

“At first they were shocked. So, I can say, I think it was easier in my opinion when I decided to change gender,” said Dena Rachman.

Fortunately, as time went by, the family was slowly willing to accept Dena’s choice to change religions. She is also proud of her family who have an open mind towards everything.

“I’m quite grateful and grateful to have an open minded family. So, they really know my journey. They know where I come from and why I chose my choice, whatever it is,” said Dena Rachman.

That way, the relationship with her family is still well maintained. The owner’s full name, Renaldy Denada Rachman, revealed that each family keeps good friendship.

“My family are celebrating Eid, yes. So, I always silahturami with them during the festive,” concluded Dena Rachman.

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