Not only Ronaldinho, these 3 football players ever been imprisoned

Ronaldinho used to be known as a topnotch soccer player, who led Barcelona to dominate Europe, and also led Brazil to become the world champion. However, the end of his career was not so good, even far from impressive.

Ronaldinho’s life on the field is increasingly unclear, he even had a career in the Indian League. No different from his personal life. In fact, recently the AC Milan legend must feel the coldness of the prisoner’s floor after being proven to use a fake passport.

But the fact is, not only Ronaldinho has ever been in jail. The following rows of soccer players who ever spent their life in jail. Anyone?

1. Ian Wright

This one is an Arsenal legend. Arsenal fans, of course, know exactly who Ian Wright is, because he was a top striker who scored many goals for the Gunners.

Even so, Ian Wright was tarnished by his name because he was put in jail for 14 days. The problem is because of the vehicle tax case. Ian Wright himself claimed to give up feeling the coldness of the detention cell, even though only two weeks.

“I did say I would never come to a place like that again. I know I have to start doing things straight and narrow, “Ian Wright said.

2. Joey Barton

Who does not know Joey Barton. He is not the figure of a player who excelled during his career in the Premier League first. The former Everton player is actually famous for being often troubled, both on the pitch and in personal life.

Barton was in jail for 74 days, as a result of an attack he made against someone in a nightclub.

3. Duncan Ferguson

Like Joey Barton, Duncan Ferguson is a former Everton player. In 1995, Ferguson was languishing behind bars for assaulting Rangers player Raith. For approximately 3 months he had to feel the coldness of the Prodeo hotel floor.

Interestingly, after getting out of prison Duncan Ferguson returned to defend Everton. The club is not concerned about his status as an ex-convict. He then hung up his shoes in 2006.

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