Nunung feels awkward reappeared on TV Screen

When officially released from prison, Indonesian Senior Comedian, Nunung decided to immediately work and appear on one television show. Although accompanied by close friends, but concerned admitted still awkward when he first appeared.

In 2019 yesterday, the entertainment world of the country was shocked by the arrest of Nunung by the authorities due to drug abuse. The woman whose full name was Tri Retno Pradiyati had to stay in prison together with her husband, who was also involved.

After nine months of feeling cold in the prisoner’s floor, Nunung finally freed. Do not want to be careless, the comedian immediately step on the gas works by appearing on a television screen, filling the program which previously had become a place to entertain the public.

In the event, Nunung was accompanied by close comedian friends, even though dealing with the audience made this 56-year-old woman feel awkward.

“First go straight to work, so it’s a bit awkward, it’s been nine months.”

Actually, working with a friend who is used to working is just a bit awkward. At that time there were still spectators, right? Corona was still there, a few days later, they still adapted to the audience, they were still a bit scared, how about that, “said Nunung.

Nevertheless, Nunung did not want to continue to sink with hwe dark past. As a result, she tried to move on and get up.

“But yes, after a long time I must move on, I can’t look back, I have to get up again, because my responsibilities are still a lot,” she explained.

Over time, Nunung began to get used to appearing before the audience. It’s just that the coronavirus pandemic made the event that it starred in the audience no longer able to attend.

“Finally, like now, it’s normal again. Only now there are no viewers, work there is no audience actually really not good huh. Especially comedy, it’s just that we have to go through, we have to obey the government rules, we have to live it, the storm will definitely pass, “she continued.

As is known, the rules of social and physical distancing indeed make the public no longer able to create a crowd.

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