Nycta Gina shocked on water bills to soar by up to IDR 26 million!

Lately, soaring electricity bills are being discussed, even from artists such as Kartika Putri, Tompi, Chef Arnold and many more.

Well, interestingly a similar case also happened to a beautiful celebrity, Nycta Gina, where through her social media, wife of Rizky Kinos complained about a water bill that reached 26 million Rupiah!

Initially, Nycta Gina uploaded a photo of the family in a new residence, and wrote a caption about her activities since moving house.

“There is a problem, there is a silver lining too … maybe all this time since moving house and because of the busy schedule after WFH, it became less awkward, and the ops on the coprol arrived 2x,” open Nycta Gina on her Instagram.

But at the same time, the figure who was so familiar with the character of ‘Mis irritated’ was venting about his water bill that had jumped so much. From what he usually only pays less than 100 thousand per month, now it actually becomes 26 million Rupiah.

In her explanation, Nycta Gina acknowledged that the surge was due to a water pipe leak.

“Eeeh, how come we get a bounty of water more than 26 million, even though it doesn’t usually reach 100 thousand per month …” said Nycta Gina was finally forced to have all pumps turned off, no water, we were displaced by #ibunceritamulu #kinosgina # utauti … “said Nycta Gina on her Instagram account.

She found it strange why a pipe leak that didn’t last a month could make her water bill to soar by up to 26 million Rupiah.

“On June, the usage has not reached a month, it can leak up to a difference of Rp 26,449,500. Thought I opened a Pulomas branch next time, “continued Nycta Gina again.

Nycta Gina’s upload also provoked various comments from Netizens. Some do not believe the water bill could reach IDR 26 million, because even though the water bill is increasing, IDR 26 million does not make sense.

“Yes God, it’s 26 million … I got to pay IDR 116 thousand for water bills, it’s really surprised me, whereas usually only IDR 30 to 60 thousands, I still hard to accept this,” said the DIN account.

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