Officially retired, Petr Cech return back to Chelsea?

Petr Cech is actually quite calm in facing his old age, where if he truly officially retired from his position as a professional player, then his new job is already waiting. The new job was prepared by Chelsea if the goalkeeper later retired from Arsenal.

This season was not a very good season for Cech, where he lost to Arsenal’s young goalkeeper Bernd Leno. Throughout this season, Cech is more on the bench, and only seen in European competition.

This situation then convinced Cech’s heart to step down from his status as a professional player a.k.a hanging shoes after approximately 14 years of a career in the English Premier League. In the midst of that situation, it turns out that the figure of Cech still gets a place in the hearts of the Chelsea fans so planning to prepare for the 36-year-old goalkeeper in the summer.

A trusted source said Cech will be positioned as the Chelsea coach team. This response cannot be separated from the aura of Cech, who is called to have a strong character to become a coach. It’s getting stronger when Cech’s career at Stamford Bridge reaches 11 years, so he is expected to be able to transmit positive values to as strong as the Blues.

This news is actually incomplete, because the position of Cech is not yet known, whether to enter Maurizio Sarri’s coaching structure or be included in the design of the young age team. Cech himself will most likely accept this job, because he has a great interest in the world of coaching.

This possibility is reinforced by the status of Frank Lampard, who is a Derby County coach now, who made Cech interested in following in the footsteps of his former teammate. For that he felt challenged to have a career as a tactician in the future.

Interestingly here, when this attraction becomes Cech’s serious intention to the extent that he participates in thin training so that he can further explore the world.

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