Kerap Diajak Kencan Semalam Oleh Netizen, Begini Jawaban Soraya Rasyid

Often Invited To One Night Date By Netizens, This Is Soraya Rasyid’s Answer

One of beautiful artist, Soraya Rasyid, often uploads photos with sexy poses and clothes on Instagram. The person concerned admits that this habit makes her often seen as a “bespoke woman” by netizens. So, how does Soraya respond?

When viewed from his current Instagram account, Soraya Rasyid often uploads sexy photos and videos, either alone or when he is with his friends.

As a result, many netizens then asked Soraya Rasyid to go out on a date last night, some were desperate to write it in the comments column, not a few also sent the offer via Direct Message.

However, the woman who plays in the soap opera “Preman Pensiun”, emphasizes that she is not at all offended by the attitude of netizens. According to him, it is a natural thing and some may just mean to joke.

In fact, Soraya was sure that if he had mentioned the asking rate, perhaps the masher men wouldn’t budge.

Once, it is certain that there are a lot of DMs like that, there are also many comments, so I deleted it. If the DM doesn’t show up too, so let’s just leave it, ”

“I don’t have any feelings like my response, eh, you’re insolent, it’s not like that. Ah, if you tell me the price, he also ran away, right, that is the term, like you can afford to pay, right?” He said when contacted by detikcom. .

Furthermore, Soraya Rasyid emphasized netizens not to judge himself by appearance alone, he only felt comfortable in clothes like that.

However, the person concerned also doesn’t have a problem when someone does not like his style of dress.

“Don’t judge people from their looks. I mean, I’m not justifying or condemning someone’s looks, right, here I look what I want, I like, and that’s where it is, so that’s fine.”

“Just let me be who I am, although there are still people who don’t like it, yes, it’s okay to have a living name too,” she said.

Meanwhile, Soraya Rasyid is still quite active in the soap opera as well as hosting a reality show on television.

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