Often stay up late? Please pay attention about these serious risks!

Excessive activities in a day require us to spend more time, not a few who have to stay up late just to complete various activities. In fact, not infrequently also cases that make someone accustomed to staying up late, so that sleep time is reduced. Though the fact is this is not good for health.

For information, the body needs vitamins to stay healthy and fit, and sleep is one of these vitamins. Like vitamin C, we cannot store it, we need it every day, and if it is often neglected then there will certainly be serious risks that can attack our bodies.

Dr. Miriam Stoppard at Mirror UK, emphasized that sleep is a condition that is needed by almost all organs of the body. If you fall asleep, your body is at risk of developing various diseases.

“For example, lack of sleep or often staying up late is associated with an increase in appetite that causes weight gain, the possibility of obesity and type 2 diabetes and its complications such as eye, kidney and gangrene problems. In addition there is an increased risk of stroke, “explained Dr. Miriam.

In addition, based on research results, it turns out that insomnia can be a cause of several serious illnesses in our body. Their theory is dealing with people who often stay up late to get enough sleep with the aim of reducing the risk of stroke from heart disease.

To test this, a number of neurologists also conducted research on 100 people who had absolutely no history of stroke and heart disease. Researchers asked whether the respondent experienced three symptoms of insomnia in at least 3 consecutive nights. For example, it is difficult to sleep or without waking up, waking up too fast, until it is difficult to focus on one point.

Therefore, not ignoring the need for sleep and adequate sleep is a very important thing to do. For information, a human needs time to sleep for seven to eight hours a day, if less than these hours, then the possibility of contracting the disease will be greater.

This is because the organs in our body including the heart and muscles need to rest after a day of activities.

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