Oh, Ternyata Ini Alasan Sule dan Natalie Hoscher Pisah Ranjang

Oh, This Is The Reason Sule And Natalie Hoscher Split Up

Lately there was an uproar about the news that Sule and Nathalie Hoscher were separating from the bed, and it turned out that the news was true.

Actually, Sule himself is still currently undergoing a household ark with Nathalie Hoscher, unfortunately when they were only married to the age of corn, the issue of separation of beds was heard.

Of course, Sule’s fans are worried about this issue, especially when Putri Delina, as Sule’s daughter, confirmed it. But at the same time, Putri also said that the separation of the bed was meaningless because there were domestic problems between her parents.

“Yes, it’s okay, maybe it was assigned like this. Yes, in the end, God showed me. Mother can be close to Putri slowly and with Iky too slowly,” said Putri Delina.

Putri explained that the separation of her father and her stepmother was indeed on the recommendation of a doctor, which could be the right moment for Natalie Hoscher to take care of Sule’s children.

“Maybe yesterday because of an accident that was used as a lesson. Maybe Mother is still assigned to take care of the children, until now you don’t know what the depths of her children are.”

“Yes, maybe Bunda was assigned to like that later,” explained Putri Delina.

Natalie Hoscher herself, who at that time was also with Princess Delina, admitted that she was grateful for this opportunity, so that she could build a closer relationship with her stepchildren.

“Taking care of the children, I’m happy, of course, especially now that almost all of them accept mothers with monthly time, it’s fast. If people are a year or two, they can be close. Yes, just be grateful,” said Nathalie Holscher.

Meanwhile, Sule had previously confirmed that the temporary separation from his wife was due to a doctor’s recommendation. It is feared that there will be intercourse between the couple, because Nathalie Hoscher is still recovering.

“Now again, we don’t see the doctor first for two weeks. The problem is that yesterday Nathalie had spots. When I checked with the obstetrician, I can’t do it first. Avoiding it so you don’t want to,” explained Sule on Ari Lasso’s YouTube Channel.

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