OMG, this man found pig manure on his noodles!

Noodle is indeed one of everyone’s favorite foods. So many processed noodles that try to be served restaurants, ranging from fried noodles to soup noodles. So, is eating noodles dangerous? It could be, as experienced by a man recently in China. Intending to eat noodles with the innards, the man actually found pig manure in the intestines on the noodles he ate!

A visitor who was eating at a local noodle shop, located in Changchun, Jilin Province, was sick to his order. The man named Wang claimed to have found pig manure, in the intestine which was consumed as noodle topping. Wang immortalized the remaining dirt from the pig’s intestine, then demanded the A’Xiang Rice Noodles restaurant, of course he demanding compensation from the restaurant for 20,000 Yuan or Equivalent of 40 million Rupiah.

The restaurant is indeed quite well known in the Changchun Area as an instant noodle restaurant. Wang was also not the first time eating at the restaurant. I do not know what his fate might be unlucky. Wang claimed to have realized there was something strange about the intestines he consumed, because the texture was rather hard, as if it was not yet ripe.

“I realized the texture of the pig’s intestine was a little hard when I lifted it with chopsticks. Then inside I found something disgusting, that is pig dung, “explained Wang.

At the same time, Wang immediately filed a protest with the Restaurant Manager, and after a long discussion, the restaurant was willing to pay compensation 10 times the price of noodles purchased by Wang. Obviously Wang refused the offer from the restaurant, because its value was considered to be very small compared to the nausea and disgust he found when he saw pig dung.

“Paying me only hundreds of yuan for compensation is the same as joking. I almost ate pig shit!” concluded Wang.

Not yet known how the continuation of the case. What is clear, a similar incident has also occurred in one of the hot pot restaurants in China. Where a pregnant woman visitor found a rat carcass in her hot pot sauce. But this woman was more fortunate, because she immediately received compensation of 20 thousand Yuan or about IDR 40 million.

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