OMG! This toddler died after falling into a curry pot

Full parental supervision of their children, especially those who are still toddlers, is really needed. Do not be negligent, causing something undesirable. As happened recently, a toddler died after falling into a pan filled with hot curry.

This tragic incident at the same time became a learning for the parents happened in the Mirzapur Area, Uttar, India. The three-year-old baby died from a fall in the pan, in which there was a curry that was still steaming hot.

At that time, the curry had just been cooked in a large pot, before being distributed to the students there. However, due to lack of supervision, people did not realize that a toddler approached the pot.

According to the father’s confession, his daughter accidentally fell into a large pot of hot curry. Unfortunately, the cook assigned at that time was unconscious because of his negligence using a headset to listen to music.

In fact, the brother who was near the toddler had screamed for help, unfortunately the cook did not hear anything. As a result, the teachers who were some distance from the location immediately ran over to hear the voice asking for help.

They immediately picked up a toddler who was trapped in the pot, and it appeared that the 3-year-old child suffered severe burns. He was then rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately his life remained beyond help.

Although the toddler is not a student at the school, the Mirzapur Government will continue to take decisive action.

“We have heard about this tragedy. We will conduct further investigations after collecting existing data. We will take action decisively. These toddlers themselves are not students of the school, “said representatives from the basic education section in Mirzapur.

Actually, the case of a baby falling into a curry pan that is still hot isn’t the first time this has happened. Previously there was a similar incident that had occurred in 2019. In fact, the child also fared the same.

Therefore, the Indian government emphasizes the importance of supervision of toddlers so that similar events do not occur.

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