One year after Ashraf Sinclair’s death, BCL now stronger than before

February 18, 2021 was exactly one year old Malaysian actor, Ashraf Sinclair passed away. For this reason, Bunga Citra Lestari aka BCL together with her son, Noah Sinclair, seemed to take the time to make a pilgrimage to her husband’s grave in San Diego Hills, Karawang, West Jakarta.

Not only Bunga and Noah Sinclair, but some of her relatives and managers also came to the location. When asked by reporters, BCL herself only asked for prayers.

“Please pray for him, my friends,” said BCL with a smile as quoted from Selebrita Pagi.

Judging from her current activities, Bunga Citra Lestari does seem to have improved physically and mentally. The singer of the song “Sunny” has resumed her job as a singer.

Doddy as the manager of BCL then spoke up about what the artist had done during the past year so that he could be more determined to be left by his husband.

“Praying, writing, it’s more about healing, if you see people who are left behind, many things are done, the healing is different,” said Doddy.

Doddy understands very well that BCL has not been able to move on from Ashraf’s death, so as her manager he does not arbitrarily agree to the offer of a gig.

“That’s called a process, that’s a person from falling, it’s a disaster for everyone to try to accept, to surrender, all kinds of things. Surely getting up is one of the keys. You can’t dissolve in sadness,”

“That’s why she slowly, step by step for herself and Noah, it’s her new life. That’s why we as a team think to do everything, according to her ways,” said Doddy.

Not only that, the theme of the event where BCL sings is also a consideration, but the most important thing is to follow health protocols.

“Now we choose the program according to the needs, the ability of Bunga too. The most important thing is one who is obedient to the health program, she stays at home with her family to take care,” said Doddy, the manager of Bunga Citra Lestari.

For information, Ashraf Sinclair died unexpectedly of a heart attack on February 18, 2020. At that time, BCL did seem to really miss the figure of her romantic husband.

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