Oops, Neymar and Di Maria tested positive for Covid-19!

Another bad news is heard from the world of football, where there are two European star players have tested positive for Covid-19. Both of them are Paris Saint-Germain players, Neymar Jr and Angel Di Maria.

As is well known, Neymar and Di Maria have indeed become the mainstay of Thomas Tuchel’s Club this season. They even played in the European Champions League final against Bayern Munich some time ago.

The match went on quite fiercely until in the end the German Bundesliga champions managed to win by a narrow score of 1-0. Kingsley Coman scored the only goal against Keylor Navas at the beginning of the second half.

The final match was actually the closing match for the 2019/20 season which had indeed been postponed due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

So, during the postponement period, the players were strictly prohibited from training, finally they took the opportunity to go on vacation, including Neymar and Di maria.

Both of these players are known to spend their vacation time in Ibiza, Spain. This place is known as the main holiday destination for European football players.

Once back, they immediately undergo a test process to find out whether they have the Coronavirus or not. Well, the test results that came out recently confirmed that their bodies contained with the virus.

With these positive case findings, Neymar and Angel Di Maria automatically had to go through the health protocols established by the local health authorities. Therefore, they also have to follow the quarantine process for 14 days.

It is also rumored that one other Paris Saint-Germain player who has contracted the plague is Leonardo Paredes. Interestingly, these players also spent vacation time in Ibiza, Spain.

The plan is that in the first match of Ligue 1 2020/21, PSG should have their first match against Lens on August 29.

However, because the distance between the match against Bayern Munich and the match was too close, finally the schedule was postponed until 11 September.

With this change in schedule, Paris Saint-Germain players can spend even longer on vacation. Of course with the hope that what happened to Neymar and Di Maria, will not be repeated to other players.

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