Ozil and Gulse show unique ways to help underprivileged children on their wedding

Arsenal midfielder’s wedding reception, Mesut Ozil with his sweet heart, Amine Gulse turned out to leave a positive impression that made many people want to emulate it. On Friday, 7 June 2019 was the time when Ozil and Gulse were declaring their wedding vow in Turkey.

And the most surprising part is the way how Ozil thank God for what he has now. Where Ozil and Gulse gave special gifts in the form of free surgery for 1,000 underprivileged children.

In his wedding reception, Ozil did not ask the invited guests to send them gifts, but he hoped the gifts would be donated as charity funds to help the surgeries for children in developing countries, which are suffering from burns, leg and thigh injuries, and cleft lip.

Ozil himself is famous as a football player who cares about others, before this commendable action takes place. Ozil has shown that kind attitude by donating his 2014 World Cup champion bonus of 240,000 Pounds to pay for the surgery costs of 23 children in Brazil.

“So many questions came to me, my close relatives and friends about our desire for marriage. As a professional soccer player, I am in a lucky and special position, “Ozil wrote in his Instagram account.

“However, I invite everyone who is willing and able to help and support on this very special project that is close to both of us. Amine and I will cover the costs of 1,000 children in need, “concluded the German national team star, who had decided to retire.

Ozil with the Turkish state was indeed very close, where he was noted to have come as a Turkish immigrant in Germany. During his childhood, Ozil admitted that he suffered lot of financially and mentally pressures. On this basis, he so concerned about seeing the difficulties of these disadvantaged people.

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