“Parasite” accused of copying Indian old movie

Parasite movie released under the auspices of CJ Entertainment managed to get a lot of awards, including at the Oscars yesterday. However, after the proud achievement, the family film was hit by a slanted issue.

An Indian film producer, P.L Thenappan accused the South Korean film of stealing ideas from a film released in the past titled Mansara Kanna. In fact, because they feel not accepted, the Producer is then ready to report parasite films to the authorities.

This was revealed by Thenappan to Laman Scoompi recently, “I watched the Korean film Parasite and felt they had stolen the idea from Minsara Kanna,” he said.

“It’s just that Thenappan couldn’t say which plot was similar between the Parasite and Mansara Kanna.”

“They’ve taken the plot from my film. When they (Korean filmmakers) found out that some of our films (Indian films) were inspired by their films, they reported to the police. So to be fair, we will do the same thing, “Thenappan added.

Mansara Kanna himself tells the story of a teenage boy who falls in love with a female child conglomerate. To get his love, he too applied to become a bodyguard at the home of the conglomerate. The teenager also invited his family to become cooks and helpers at the house.

While the Parasite is a family that is trying to change their economy. It’s just the method used is fairly insular. They got rid of the people who worked at the rich man’s house, with all the family members acting as if they didn’t know each other.

Responding to the accusation of plagiarism of this film, CJ Entertainment itself claimed not to know anything about the claim.

“We don’t know anything about plagiarism claims from Indian films. We have not received information regarding this issue, “he said.

Whereas K.S. Ravikumar as the director of this film claimed to be happy with the award won by Parasite. For matters related to plagiarism allegations, he did not want to interfere.

“I’m glad this story (Parasite) has received an Oscar, even if Minsara Kanna is the inspiration behind it. However, the matter of reporting to the police is up to the producer, “Ravikumar said.

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