Patrice Evra mocks Arturo Vidal for joining Inter Milan

Former Juventus defender, Patrice Evra seems to be upset with Arturo Vidal’s decision to join rival club Inter Milan. The former MU then mocked the Chilean midfielder via social media.

Evra himself joined Juventus since the end of 2014, to be precise when he was on a free transfer. The former French National Team defender then spent two and a half years with the defending Italian Serie A champions.

Even though the duration is fairly short, Evra still managed to give Juventus five titles, even he also contributed to the club’s success in stepping up to the European Champions League final in 2015.

His short trip at Juventus did not necessarily make Evra think of the Bianconneri as a temporary port. He really loves the club based in the city of Turin.

In fact, Evra also did not hesitate to mock Arturo Vidal regarding the Chile midfielder’s decision to join a rival club, Inter Milan.

Vidal himself was a Juventus shirt for a long time, he joined in 2011 and moved to Bayern Munich in 2016. Currently, he is currently defending Inter Milan, which is actually one of Juventus’ arch rivals.

Through Instagram social media, Evra uploaded a photo of himself walking to the field ahead of the Italian Supercup match. The photo is then converted into a ‘meme’ with a dialog box.

Evra then uploaded a photo that seemed to contain a conversation between him and Andrea Pirlo. In the photo there is also another Juventus player with Arturo Vidal’s jersey number.

“Pat, who is behind you? Pirlo asked.” I don’t know … unless I don’t lose the memory of Maestro, this person has played with us, “replied Evra. Behind them was a figure wearing a Juventus uniform with his face covered. emoji.But if you look at the number, you can be sure it’s Vidal.

Interestingly, in the photo caption, Evra also did not hesitate to tag Arturo Vidal’s Instagram account.

“Winning is not important, it’s the only thing that counts! But being Juventus until the end is also the only thing that counts (sorry @ kingarturo23official),” wrote Evra.

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