Paul Pogba can make Zidane leave Real Madrid, how come?

Zinedine Zidane has never been lonely about gossip, this latest mention if he is ready to resign from his position as Real Madrid coach, if the club fails to bring Paul Pogba to the Santiago Bernabeu in the 2019 summer transfer market.

It has long been heard that EL Real is so interested in working with Pogba. However, Madrid’s heavy road punished them with difficulty in bringing the player. The desire of Pogba, who intends to play with Madrid, also gives more excitement to them to be able to bring him to the La Liga stage.

The summer of 2019 was the moment when the name of Pogba wandered about with rumors of moving from Old Trafford. He also admitted that he wanted to find a new experience that was more challenging, the name Real Madrid emerged as the strongest candidate to bring Pogba.

This situation also gives great confidence to Zidane that there is a good chance for Madrid to get the player’s signature. But unfortunately, Zidane’s desire to date has not yet been realized. This also led to speculation that the Frenchman was ready to step down from his position as coach if his team could not bring Pogba.

“Not bringing Pogba makes Zidane on the verge of resigning. Zidane has personally promised Pogba that he will be brought to Madrid, and if this agreement is canceled, then he will look bad in the eyes of Pogba. “Claims Diego Torres as an observer of Spanish football.

“This situation will adversely affect Zidane’s confidence in Florentino Perez, because he has promised Pogba to land it at the Santiago Bernabeu this season.”

Torres added a strong reason why Zidane was so determined to bring in Pogba. According to him, Zidane had the view that Pogba could play a major role in Zidane’s plans, so that without the 26-year-old star’s presence, Zidane’s project at Real Madrid was threatened not to run.

“For Zidane, the project he built and Pogba have the same important weight. So far everything that was promised to him has not really been realized, “concluded Torres.

So far Madrid is doubtful to compete at the highest level of domestic and European competition, the article they fall apart in the preliminary preliminary 2019 yesterday. Now all are waiting for the results of the preseason, where EL Real will play in the inaugural match of 2019-2020 La Liga against Celta Vigo at the Estadio Balaidos, on Saturday, August 17, 2019.

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