Paul Pogba shouldn’t be criticized and embarrassed

Despite not having a close relationship with Paul Pogba, Watford striker Andre Gray was embarrassed by the ongoing criticism of the French national team midfielder.

Pogba moved to Manchester United since the summer of four years ago. At that time he was bought with a transfer value of 105 million Euros from defending champions Serie A, Juventus. Keep in mind, that number broke the world transfer record.

His status as the world’s most expensive player and the most expensive recruitment in club history makes Pogba expected to look brilliant with the Red Devils.

However, during the last four seasons defending the banner of the Red Devils, the Le Havre academy dropout is still having trouble maximizing his potential. Pogba is considered not to have released the best ability to date.

Many criticisms have been directed at Pogba, whether it’s about his performance on the field, or about his attitude on social media. Andre Gray is annoyed to hear that, even though he is not a close associate of Pogba.

“People often criticize Pogba and it annoys me,” Gray told ThreesixtyTV.

According to the Watford striker, Paul Pogba is a great player, based on what he has seen firsthand on several occasions against Manchester United.

“Whenever I face Pogba, now it’s about four or five times I’ve fought him. I can say that no one can approach him and take the ball from him. ”

“He is indeed not a player who scores spectacular goals in every match. But you can never approach this child. He is always in a position that is difficult to reach.” He said.

In his view too, those who criticized Pogba only saw the player’s appearance from the front of the screen. In fact, Pogba is a different figure when he becomes an opposing player, he is difficult to deal with.

“Unless you deal directly with him on the field, you will never understand this. When you face him and understand his role in midfield, you can never understand his game,” he said.

In this season’s campaign the 2018 World Champions rarely play because of two injuries.

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