Paul Pogba starts boring

One of the Manchester United legends, Paul Ince, cast a scathing criticism to the French National Team midfielder, who is the midfielder of the Red Devils for the last two seasons, Paul Pogba. According to him, the former Juventus player was already boring and indeed should leave Old Trafford, because it would have a very positive impact on United.

Paul Pogba joined Manchester United in the summer transfer window of 2016 through a club-record ransom, 105 million Euros from Juventus. After recording successful years with the Bianconneri, Pogba is certainly expected to be able to perform brilliantly along with the Premier League giants. Unfortunately, in the past two seasons, critics more often approached the French National team player.

In fact, he was rumored to be leaving the old Trafford last summer, but in the end, Pogba still stayed at MU. However, the player’s performance is considered below standard, even according to Paul Ince, Mourinho’s decision to reserve Pogba in several season matches is the right decision.
The reason, Ince considered Pogba was boring, and indeed it should have been concerned leaving Old Trafford, because the decision would be good for all parties.

“It’s all good (criticism) and good to make Pogba groan off the field, but the reality is, he did nothing to get a place in the first team. Pogba is supposed to be a world class player, but he looks very average. If he thinks he will get his place in the first team and then do stupid moves and tricks that cause the team to lose the ball – he is an idiot,” said Ince, as quoted by Paddy Power.

“It doesn’t matter how big your name is. Nothing is too big to be dropped from United, or at least not supposed to. Rarely United players will scoff at their own teammates, but they are getting bored with their behavior. Not many United fans will be sad to see if Pogba leave. If he really wants to leave Old Trafford – he should go. In fact, that would be the best decision for everyone involved.”

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