Paulo Dybala successfully creates a dilemma for MU

The rich English Premier League club, Manchester United were confused with speculation of plans to bring Juventus young stars, Paulo Dybala. Investigated, if this high-ranking players in the field of recruitment are many who debate the quality of the Argentine national team player.

It was stated that almost half believed Dybala could improve the quality of the Red Devils, some still doubted the player’s ability. It’s been a hot topic in this last kick, where Dybala’s name is on the Manchester United target list.

Dybala’s quality cannot be doubted, but in one season yesterday, his figure was deemed failed to develop since the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo at Allianz Turin. Dybala recorded more time spent on the bench to watch his colleagues play.

For this reason, speculation arises that Dybala is ready to leave Turin for more flight hours. If you talk about Dybala’s game, then this one figure is considered to have a lot of potential that can still be developed again and Juventus are considered unable to develop that potential.

Manchester United was claimed to be trying to take advantage of the situation by approaching Dybala. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer clearly needs quality players, and Ed Woodward cs believes this one player can give them what they want next season.

Given the quality of Dybala, then Red Devils realized that they had to prepare large funds. Woodward CS also did not once bring in expensive labeled players, as already known that there were names like Angel Di Maria, Paul Pogba, and Romelu Lukaku.

Comparing with those three players above, the potential of Dybala cannot be said to be maximal, and the proof was last season he could only score five goals
in the Italian Serie A. It is on this basis that there is much debate in the Manchester United kitchen that involves many executive teams. Dybala can be said to be a crucial player by being able to win a match alone, but all that happens when he is in the best performance. Even at such times, Dybala is predicted to be the successor to Lionel Messi.

But all that began to change when the presence of Ronaldo, Dybala resigned as a supporting actor only. Then many responses if Dybala really docked into the Premier League next season, then the player is considered to have a positive impact on the changes in the game of the Red Devils.

Dybala can be placed behind the striker, and will be the key to maximizing Marcus Rasfhord’s ability as the opponent’s defensive team. Not only that, Dybala can also be positioned as a winger and as a central striker.

Dybala’s quality as a versatile player is worth considering and is clearly included in the category players of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who as a coach on a mission to apply different tactics.

“It’s very strange, Dybala has great abilities. However, if you look at Serie A, he only scored five goals and four assists in the Juventus team which is far superior to the other teams,” said Steve Nicol.

It is interesting to look forward to whether Manchester United is willing to take this big risk, and if it dissects longer, it is clear that Dybala’s abilities need not be doubted as young players who have extraordinary prospects in the future.

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