Pedro back to Barcelona? This is Valverde’s answer

Spanish striker, Pedro Rodriguez has had the same situation as Olivier Giroud at Chelsea this season. He rarely gets the chance to appear, so his future began to be questioned. Related to this, speculation arose that claimed that Pedro planned to return to the arms of his former club, Barcelona.

Pedro has indeed joined Chelsea since 2015, but since the club is handled by Frank Lampard, the 32-year-old figure rarely gets a chance to appear. In fact, he was recruited from Barcelona and was one of the players from the Spanish club’s La Masia Academy.

Pedro only managed to penetrate the core squad in 2008, after surging slowly from Barcelona C. The match against Murcia was the first time he played with the core squad. He had long enough to be a mainstay of Barcelona, even once tandem Messi on the front lines. Unfortunately, the arrival of Neymar and Suarez made Pedro slowly excluded and finally left in the summer of 2015 ago.

Initially, his portion of playing at Chelsea was not so disappointing, even last season under the direction of Maurizio Sarri, concerned recorded 52 appearances in all competitions. But now, the situation is far different, Pedro rarely played by Lampard. Until now, he has only recorded four appearances in the Premier League.

So it’s no wonder speculation arises regarding the future of the Spanish player, some say he plans to return to his former club Barcelona. Hearing the news, coach Ernesto Valverde gave his response.

“He is a historic player at this club. He is one of the players with the most titles here. He is at another club and we must respect that. We will see how it will be in the future, “Valverde said, as quoted by Marca.

If indeed returning to Barcelona, it seems that the situation that Pedro has to face is more or less the same, the article at his former club there are many options up front, starting from Messi, Griezmann, Suarez, Dembele, and the club’s new young star, Ansu Fati. Moreover, news emerged that Barcelona planned to repatriate Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain.

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