Pep Guardiola not eligible to be called as the world’s best coach, why?

Pep Guardiola’s status as the best coach in the world since his success with Barcelona a few years ago. However, the title is considered to be reviewed, the article is one big thing that cannot be ignored from this Spanish manager.

After the last two seasons offering Premier League titles for Manchester City, Pep faces a difficult challenge to defend the title. City are still strong, their squad is also quality, but the standings speak that Liverpool are far superior.

The shock defeat of Tottenham Hotspur last weekend made Manchester City even more frustrated. They are increasingly far from the top of the standings occupied by Liverpool since the beginning of this season.

Left behind 22 points as if it had dashed Manchester City’s hopes to defend the title. Now, they can focus on chasing the Champions League trophy, but it’s certainly not easy. Judging by his work after leaving Barcelona, Pep was so difficult to win the Champions League, he never even penetrated the final.

Indeed, before with Barcelona, Pep won many titles. In fact he was listed as the first coach to win six titles at once in a season, in his debut year as manager. Barcelona’s direction seemed a nightmare for every team at the time.

Unfortunately, Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona dominance was destroyed by Real Madrid, directed by Jose Mourinho. Barca failed to defend the title after trailing 13 points from Real Madrid. Pep was clearly frustrated, and interestingly he did not try to repeat his success again in the following season.

Pep decided to resign from his post as Barcelona coach. More than that, he seemed unable to move on from failure. The manager decided to take a vacation for one season, then returned to deal with Bayern Munich.

Now, something similar might happen again. Two years ago Liverpool were 25 points behind Man City, now Jurgen Klopp’s troops are 22 points ahead. Guardiola has built a good squad in recent years, but now is the time for a number of changes.

That said, this moment is almost similar to the moment where Jose Mourinho ruined the dominance of Barcelona in the Guardiola era. The question, is this time Guardiola chose to answer the challenge or run away again?

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