Pep Guardiola reluctant to ‘raise the white flag’ in title hunting

Two consecutive defeats in Manchester City, when Liverpool managed to maintain their unbeaten record so far. The two opposite facts make Manchester City displaced to the 3rd place in the standings, while Liverpool are even more established at the top. Regarding this situation, of course coach Pep Guardiola did not feel happy, but on the one hand, he was also reluctant to raise the white flag in the hunt for this season’s Premier League title.

Actually, Manchester City were the most convincing team at the beginning of this season, because they not only managed to maintain an unbeaten record, but also won more wins than Liverpool. Not surprisingly, Pep Guardiola’s squad which is the defending champion is considered the champion’s favorite at the end of the season.

But, all doubted when City shocked their first home defeat against Crystal Palace last weekend which put them out of the top of the table. Then, when they travel to Leicester City headquarters, they also swallow defeat and are now left in 3rd place in the standings. This situation is not good for Manchester City, who are trying to defend the title, but coach Pep Guardiola insists that his team did not give up at all.

“From January, February last season people said, ‘The Premier League is over’. Living with it is not easy. Last month people said about Liverpool’s [match against] and before we had three or four matches. Football is that you can win a lot of matches and you can lose in many games. When I was in Barcelona for one period I lost four straight matches,” explained the former Barcelona coach to the reporters.

Furthermore, Pep asked his team not to think about the party against Liverpool in the middle of next week, and was more focused on the match against Bournemouth this weekend.

“What is less important now is [the game against Liverpool], we must think of Southampton,” he added.

“I don’t forget who we are, how good we are, how amazing the players I have in the dressing room. In fact we lost three of the four matches. If you want to be a competitor, you have to win again. If not, then it’s impossible. “

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