Pep wants City perform with no burden at Manchester Derby

Although superior to the aggregate, Pep Guardiola did not necessarily underestimate Manchester United when diving the second leg at dawn. The interpreter asked the players to remain vigilant, but also did not feel burdened.

Manchester City won the League Cup semi-final first leg match with a score of 3-1, when the victory was achieved at Old Trafford. That is, Manchester City are in a superior position on aggregate, and they should not feel any burden when playing in the second leg. Moreover, the match will take place at Etihad.

It’s just that there are some things that concern the Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola related to Manchester United. Last season, the rival club managed to turn things around against Paris Sain-Germain in the European Champions League, in a similar position. Not to mention, the fact that at the previous meeting at Etihad, United managed to win with a score of 1-2.

The former Barcelona coach is aware that Manchester United has the ability to hurt his landing team. Therefore, Pep asked the players to increase their level of vigilance in the second leg match later. But on the one hand, Pep hopes there are no burdensome burdens.

“I said to the players after the first leg, stay calm because we created enough opportunities to win four or five goals and the match is still open. They have the quality to do that. Just relax. In a match like this, it’s more important to be calm and try to focus on what you have to do,” Guardiola was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

In addition to the target is to win and qualify for the finals, Pep also wants to entertain Manchester City fans who are expected to throng the Etihad stands.

“I understand that fans are very important and how they feel. I try to stay calm and not overdo it. I don’t feel like this game is won only with energy or because you feel you have to win because this is a derby. You will not be able to win in games like this in that way,” he concluded.

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