‘Persahabatan Bagai Kepompong’ di Film Bakal Beda dengan di Sinetron

“Persahabatan Bagai Kepompong” In Film Will Be Different From In Soap Operas

The 90s generation certainly remembers a soap opera that tells the story of friendship during junior high school starring Derby Romero, Aryani Fitriana, Mikha Tambayong, Dinda Kirana and Tania Putri, now this soap opera will be remake into a big screen film.

But of course, considering that the main characters in the soap opera are no longer teenagers and some are even married and have children, the big screen film of Persahabatan Bagai Kepompong will star a different actress.

Sentot Sahid as the director of the film “Persahabatan Bagai Kepompong” said that not only are the actors different, but the storyline is different.

In the future, there will no longer be the introduction of each character from the start, because it was introduced through the soap opera which was released in 2008.

“The kepompong version of the soap opera character was built from scratch, introduced from scratch and introduced in soap peras,” said Sentot Sahid in a press conference via Zoom.

Furthermore, Sentot Sahid explained that the introduction of the character again only cuts the duration of the film which is actually already short, therefore in the film later only the main points of the story will be explained.

Interestingly, Sentot Sahid had planned to invite Aryani Fitriana as one of the actors in the soap opera to participate in supporting roles in the film, but this plan was canceled due to the wrong timing.

“We wanted to take Aryani Fitri with us, but the timing was not right (with filming)” said Sentot Sahid.

The film Persahabatan Bagai Kepompong is scheduled to be released today, February 26, 2021. The main characters in the film will star Bio One, Cut Bebi Tsabina, Thalita Putri, Yasmin Napper, Shanice Margareta and Jihan Safira.

In the past, soap operas starring Derby Romero, Tania Putri, Dinda Kirana, Mikha Tambayong and Aryani Fitriana were quite popular, even the soap operas received many awards.

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