Petronas SRT advised Fabio Quartararo to control his emotions

Even though he is no longer a shelter, Razlan Razali, as the Principal Team for Yamaha Petronas SRT, still provides advice to Fabio Quartararo. If you want to become world champion in the future, according to him, El Diablo must be more able to control his emotions.

For information, Fabio Quartararo has been part of the Petronas Yamaha SRT Team in the last two years. His debut in the 2019 MotoGP season was quite a kick. In fact, in the 2020 season, he was the champion.

How come? El Diablo won 7 podiums and led the standings in the first 9 series. Unfortunately, in the end Quartararo failed to win following a series of bad results in the last few series.

This result is very unfortunate, especially when considering the fact that El Diablo had three victories in the 2020 season yesterday. However, some parties have predicted this because the 21-year-old man still cannot control his emotions.

As is well known, Quartararo finally finished in 8th place in the final standings, a position far from expectations.

Razlan Razali himself admitted that it was not only because of the performance of the YZR M1 2020, but also because of Quartararo’s unstable mentality.

“I think this is all a combination of the new bike and Fabio’s lack of experience in controlling situations when he is not doing well. As you can see on TV, when he is not doing well he gets very angry. He is very temperamental, and he has to learn to calm down. herself,”

“But it’s also true that Fabio’s motorbike has more problems than Franky’s. Don’t forget that Franky’s motorbike is an old motorbike, a 2019 factory motorbike, which has proven to have better performance and durability, while the 2020 bike is a new bike and hasn’t been tested often enough,” Razali said.

Furthermore, the man from Malaysia talked about the figure of Franco Morbdelli who unexpectedly managed to finish in second place in the final standings.

“He is a rider who, when happy, can put in a good performance. Last year he surprised us, and in the second half of the season, he was much more consistent than Fabio. To be honest, we didn’t think he would be runner up, but he proved himself and we hope he can fight for the title this year, “he concluded.

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