Pevita Pearce ‘angry’ on Instagram, what happen?

Indonesian celebrity Pevita Pearce seems to be angry, it appears from her posts on Instagram story. However, the 27-year-old woman did not mention the reason for her frustration.

Pevita Pearce is indeed one of the celebrities who has the most number of Followers on Instagram. In our observation, so far she already has more than 13 million followers and of course it will continue to gain more.

It can be seen from the account of the 5CM widescreen movie’s player. As seen recently, where Pevita looks upset by writing English language posts as follows;

“Enough of this bulls**t. I’M DONE WITH THIS !! I can’t do it anymore … I want to escape from the reality, NOW!” wrote Pevita Pearce in her upload on Sunday (7/26/2020).

In the upload, the ex-girlfriend of Nino Ran also included the hashtag #fastforward, but it was not clear what Pevita meant.

What is clear is the post immediately ignited many comments from citizens. Seeing Pevita Pearce who looked angry, Netizens actually sent flattery because the celebrity still looked beautiful.

“I’m still angry just keep looking surprised,” wrote @aviefrahar **** in the comments column.

There are also netizens who try to tease Pevita by imagining this celebrity as his lover.

“She can upload story on IG, but she doesn’t reply my text, wow,” wrote @dianza ***.
“Babe, are you okay?” write @fahrudin ****.

In total, the post has been liked by more than 90 thousand followers on Instagram, including other celebrities such as Iko Uwais, Lukman Sardi, Ganindra Bimo etc.

Public figures also teased Pevita through the comments column, including Bryan Andrew.

“Not so funny right,” Bryan Andrew wrote in the comments column.

Until now there has been no further explanation from Pevita Pearce about her post. Pevita Pearce is one of Indonesia’s celebrities who rarely looks angry at her social media.

It is probable that the post is related to the coronavirus pandemic which limited Pevita’s activities in the past few months.

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