Philippe Coutinho, Inter Milan’s biggest regret

The Italian Serie A giants, Inter Milan, were once known as one of the best teams in Italy and Europe, they were even the only Italian team to win the treble winner in Serie A history so far. However, along with the bankruptcy experienced, the Nerazzurri were forced to release the talented star players they had. Among all the talented young stars who were forced to be released by the club, it turned out that the sale of Philippe Coutinho was the most regrettable club, especially for Pierro Ausilio’s sporting director.

For yout information, Philippe Coutinho was originally a player of Inter Milan, even the Italian Serie A club was the first European club to be defended by the Brazilian star when it was redeemed from Vasco da Gama in 2008. Unfortunately, Coutinho was rarely exposed while still in the Nerazzurri costume, because he rarely given the opportunity to play. At the end, he decided to join Liverpool in 2013.

Since approaching Anfield, Coutinho became one of the best European midfielders, almost succeeding in helping Marsyeside’s team win the Premier League title in 2014. After five years more or less defending Liverpool, Coutinho who continued to show significant progress decided to leave Barcelona in January, after redeemed through a very high pocket, 150 million Euros.

As a result of seeing this fact, Inter Milan had to bite the fingers, if they could maintain Coutinho a bit longer. Not surprisingly, As the Sporting Director, Pierro Ausilio, considered that it was the biggest regret he felt while working for Inter Milan. But, the problem when selling Coutinho was not the financial matter, but the fact that the player rarely gets the chance to appear.

“My biggest regret is undoubtedly Philippe Coutinho. To be honest, it’s [Coutinho’s sale] not because of an economic problem, because after selling it to Liverpool we brought Kovacic and Icardi. ”

“We are all in the ranks of the Inter board of directors who will be happy to keep Coutinho for 20 years, but there is a very important problem at that time, simply he did not play too much. In every six months, the player has the right to come and he says he wants to go to get the chance to play regularly. “Ausilio told Sky Sport Italia.

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