Pogba fills pre-season holidays with pilgrimage to Mecca

Amid the density of the schedule as a green field star, it turns out that Paul Pogba has never forgotten his true identity as a human being who must obey God. We could say Pogba is still controlled and not complacent in the pleasure of the world.

Interestingly here, when Pogba took his time in the blessing of Ramadhan for pilgrimage to Mecca. English Premier League has officially ended, and Pogba with Manchester United underwent his last match against Cardiff.

The match was arguably a bad closing match, because they were unable to complete a lot of opportunities, so they had to settle for losing 2-0 to Neil Warnock’s team. The moment was tried to be forgotten by Pogba, and when this pre-season holiday he tried to forget the world of football for a while.

The midfield star of the French national team also prefers to do umrah to fill his spare time. The note explains that Pogba’s visit to Makkah was the second in the month of Ramadan. On this visit, Pogba was not alone and he was accompanied by Everton defender, Kurt Zouma.

Pogba published this beautiful moment on his personal Instagram account and it was seen that the two players had a photo session with the background of Mecca behind him. The Pogba display is quite complete, with a yellow robe and a Gucci bag that is definitely worth millions of Rupiah.

“Never forget the most important thing in life,” wrote by Pogba in the posting of his Instagram.

Many claims say that Pogba had an Umrah service because of his dilemma. Because a lot of rumors say he will soon be docked to Real Madrid and the latest mention of the process is ongoing. The rumors surfaced after he expressed interest in moving to Real Madrid.

In this case, EL Real must work hard in transporting Pogba as the player’s figure is also in demand by Barcelona. It doesn’t stop there, the most important thing is the attitude of the Red Devils who don’t want to sell Pogba at cheap prices, and they are ready for 150 million Pounds.

Pogba is not a shocked figure by Manchester United fans in this 2018/2019 season. The player coached by the Manchester United youth team is considered unable to meet expectations, since being bought from Juventus in 2016.

Latest, football fans did not like him when Pogba clashed with one of the Manchester United supporters, which happened to be present in the Premier League closing match yesterday. It is known that the supporters threw a sense of disappointment that was so deep seeing his favorite team lost 2-0 to Cardiff.

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