Pogba indeed returned to enjoying football

The French midfielder, Paul Pogba, performed brilliantly with Manchester United since the coaching chair was taken over by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a few weeks ago. It is clear that the confidence of the former Juventus star has returned since the dismissal of Jose Mourinho from the manager’s seat. Pogba himself admitted that he had indeed returned to enjoying football.

Paul Pogba actually joined Manchester United in the summer 2016 transfer window. Since being redeemed from Juventus through pockets of no less than 112 million Euros, Pogba has become a mainstay of Manchester United only since the 2017/18 season yesterday, the 25-year-old player began to be eliminated from the Red Devils squad.

According to news heard, Pogba was at loggerheads with United manager, Jose Mourinho so the former Juventus player was eliminated from the main squad. In fact, the situation had raised speculation about the departure of the player from old Trafford in the summer transfer window yesterday. Pogba himself finally stayed at Old Trafford, but the situation did not change with Jose Mourinho.

The situation has only become much better when the Portuguese coach was kicked out of the manager’s seat, then replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who served as an interim manager. Solskjaer himself has worked well so far, and Pogba contributed four goals and two assists from the last five parties. Associated with the comeback, it was admitted that he was concerned that he had enjoyed football again.

“Of course this is a good thing. In the previous month [November], I rarely played. So being able to go back to playing regularly is a good thing. “I enjoy playing football again,” Pogba was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

Pogba himself is currently not 100 percent fit, so he is doubtful for his Premiership match against Tottenham Hotspur this weekend. Even so, Pogba felt sure the Red Devils could reach their sixth victory in a row in the match later.

“We are Manchester United. Victory must be fundamental to us. Of course we know how difficult the Premier League is and there are still many matches being played. However, the victories in the previous five games made us confident. Mentally, we are strong and ready to play the rest of the season, “Pogba continued.

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