Pogba is “poison”, Manchester United must sell him

One Liverpool legend, John Barnes argues that Paul Pogba is like poison, whose presence will have a negative impact on Manchester United.

Speculation that Paul Pogba’s departure from Manchester United has become a topic of discussion in European media in the last two years. The French National Team player was also said to be the target of Real Madrid and Juventus.

Some information circulating claims that Pogba does feel unhappy with the situation in Manchester United at this time. More directed to the fact that the Red Devils are still having trouble winning the title.

This speculation is also heard in two editions of the transfer market in this 2019/20 season, it’s just that the former Juventus star did not leave Old Trafford. He rarely even played because of two different injuries.

According to John Barnes, having an unhappy player at a club is a ridiculous thing. However the club and the fans above the players are more prioritized.

“You cannot have players who are not happy at a football club, you cannot put players feeling more important than clubs and fans,”

“Everything must be the same. That can damage the club, by being rude. “It’s a ridiculous concept when what you need is to make players happy,” John Barnes was quoted as saying by Sportsmole.

Manchester United is believed to be struggling with all its might in order to be able to maintain the 26-year-old figure. As a result, they also put a fairly high price tag for Pogba, if indeed there is a club that is targeting its services.

However, John Barnes suggested that Manchester United better off Pogba. The reason, players seem to be poison in the dressing room, so it is not impossible other players will also behave the same.

“The players must make the managers and fans happy, if you don’t, then Paul Pogba is better off moving,”

“Conditions that are happening at Manchester United at the moment, seen from the outside, it looks like Paul Pogba has such great strength that makes everyone talk about it, the situation at the club is very poisonous. Paul Pogba has to go, “concluded John Barnes.

Meanwhile, Football Competition in Europe is now stalled following the Corona pandemic. Premier League itself is postponed until the end of April 2020.

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