Pogba will leave if MU don’t qualify for Champions League next season

Manchester United’s most expensive player, Paul Pogba claimed to be ready to leave Old Trafford if it failed to deliver his team to finish in the top four, where the position will clearly lead to the Champions League next season.

2018 season was the moment when the issue of Pogba left Manchester United. This news cannot be separated from the feud of Pogba with Jose Mourinho, so the player intends to leave. However, the issue has disappeared, and Pogba can appear extraordinary under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

So far, Pogba has scored nine goals and seven assists since being coached by Solskjaer. Changes in the situation of Manchester United provide another view for Pogba. Pogba is believed to have matched the style of Solskjaer’s tactics.

However, there are still many responses to mention if Pogba could return to Juventus. One of the conditions for Pogba to be ready to leave is the failure of the stage in the Champions League next season, because Manchester United’s position is stuck.

Manchester United actually returned to the top four of the Premier League standings, but the position was again taken by Arsenal with a difference of 1 point difference. However, not only are the two clubs fighting over each other, there is the name Chelsea who is now ranked 6th with only 2 points at odds.

With the Premier League which still leaves the last 10 weeks, we can be sure the competition for places in the top four will last hot until the end of the season. Where the 4 teams predicted to survive are Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and Chelsea.

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