Pogba’s diamond ring for the French squad

Manchester United’s most expensive player, Paul Pogba has just shown his caring attitude among fellow humans and especially especially for his former teammates in the 2018 World Cup era Russian National Team squad. In this case, Pogba specifically bought a ring with the 2018 World Cup.

France is indeed listed as the 2018 World Cup winner, Pogba himself was included in the important part with a successful goal when France won Croatia 4-2 in the World Cup final.

The moment of becoming a World Cup champion seems unable to be paralyzed by Pogba, on the basis of which he wants to make a form of appreciation for his hard work and also the team so that he can be remembered in the long run.

The form of memories was wrapped in a diamond-plated ring specifically ordered by Pogba for all the players and staff who had fought in the 2018 World Cup yesterday. The order of the ring was made by Jason of Beverley Hills.

The giving of Pogba raises many questions, and one of them is why Pogba did that and was inspired by whom the same must give a diamond ring which is cost billion Rupiah.

Investigated, Pogba mimics in a sporting tradition in the United States. This is usually done on the NBA basketball sport stage. And Pogba confirmed that because he was very interested in doing the same with the French squad.

“It’s only a small sign for our struggle at the World Cup with great players. I consider them all my family. This is a small gift from me, “Pogba wrote on his personal Instagram account.

The appearance of the ring is fairly interesting, where it is made. Pogba asked to display the names of each player to be attached to the diamond ring. Not only that, the band more luxurious because there are French national team logos, World Cup and diamonds.

Pogba was very satisfied and felt the need to do this because he thought it was not excessive. According to him all this is reasonable because what the French national team and he got in the 2018 World Cup cannot be obtained instantly, so Pogba tries to remember it in the form of a ring.

“What I do is a small part because the World Cup only runs once every four years. This ring might be lost, but the World Cup will never be lost, “concluded Pogba.

This action received a positive response from various Pogba teammates in France and fans. One of Pogba’s teammates, Blaise Matuide, said he was very flattered by what Pogba showed, and did not forget that the Juventus watering midfielder also thanked Pogba for this he always remembered the 2018 World Cup historic moment.

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