Poor performance in Madrid, Hazard still can win Ballon d’Or

That conviction was conveyed by former Everton coach who now oversees Eden Hazard in the Belgian National Team, Roberto Martinez. In his view, Hazard was simply not shaded by luck in his debut season with Los Blancos.

Eden Hazard was bought by Real Madrid in the transfer market last summer for 100 million euros. With a tag that high, his presence is expected to be a substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, we know exactly how Hazard’s performance so far. He was only able to score just one goal from 15 appearances in all competitions for Real Madrid.

But not entirely the player can be blamed for his performance, given that he has only played his debut season in Spain. On the one hand, the midfielder has also been injured twice since being close to the Santiago Bernabeu.

His last injury even sentenced Hazard could not play again for the rest of the season. However, Pandemic Corona has suspended La Liga, so he has the opportunity to make a comeback before the competition is complete.

Even so, Hazard is still a highlight. In fact, some people consider his performance in Madrid to be in sharp contrast to his performance while he was at Chelsea. It’s only natural that the possibility of winning the Ballon d’Or trophy is very small for the player.

But Roberto Martinez believes one day his flagship player will win the award with Real Madrid.

“He can definitely win Ballon d’Or with Real Madrid, there’s no doubt about that,”

“Sometimes you have to have a difficult start at a new club to get you to the best of your ability and understand what it means to play for a great club like Real Madrid.” Martinez said to Cadena Ser.

Furthermore, Roberto Martinez considered that Eden Hazard was unlucky, because the injury that happened to him actually came when his performance began to climb.

“See the PSG game that made him injured, at that time we already saw Eden who enjoyed football and could make good connections with his colleagues on the field. I think Real Madrid fans believe that he will bring success,” he said.

La Liga Spain itself reportedly will be rolled out again in the near future. However, so far there is no exact date.

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