Posted a picture which show off her breast, wife of Jerinx SID bullied by netizens

Beautiful celebrity Nora Alexandra recently uploaded a ‘challenging’ photo on her personal Instagram account. In the photo, it is clear that JRX SID’s wife’s cleavage is clear, as a result she has become the target of netizens.

Nora Alexandra has indeed often received endorsements for various products on Instagram, especially since her husband, JRX SID, was in jail some time ago.

Like recently, Nora is promoting a dress type clothing product. In the upload, Nora appears to be wearing a purple dress.

In the photo, the owner’s full name, Nora Alexandra Philip looks elegant and beautiful, so that many netizens are singing praises to those concerned.

However, not a few also blasphemed JRX SID’s wife regarding her open style of dress.

Indeed, in one of these photos, Nora seemed to show her cleavage. As a result, netizens then accused Nora of having the courage to indulge her body, since her husband was incarcerated in prison.

“Wow, my husband is determined to show his cleavage, really immoral, inappropriate. If you want to find a sensation, don’t be like this. I’m horrified to see it.”

“What if Jerinx knew what his wife did when he was in jail, I don’t know if Jerinx comes out later, Jerinx must be angry with her chant’s behavior,” commented the account @yudigunara.

Nora then did not remain silent, she tried to explain that the photo was only intended to show the details of the dress she was promoting.

“It was zoomed to see the details of the dress, Mas. The details of Nora’s clothes are shown because people are interested in buying. The point is this is a promotion,” said Nora.

Furthermore, Nora emphasized that she always asked permission from her husband before endorsing her on Instagram, and she claimed that Jrx did not mind such photos, as long as they were within reasonable limits.

“Nora always gives permission to her husband about work. And jrx doesn’t mind while sorry, she’s not naked,”

“My husband is fine with me taking pictures while still naturally not naked. Then why are you angry? JRX knows Nora’s photo shoot, Nora also had prior permission. Nora is not a sassy woman btw,” said Nora.

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