President of Barcelona admits re-signing Neymar is “impossible”

Josep Maria Bartomeu as President of Barcelona has closed the door on the possibility of repatriating Neymar to Camp Nou in the transfer market this summer. According to him, it was one of the missions that was impossible to achieve.

Neymar himself left Barcelona in the summer of 2017. Previously he had been very relied on by the Catalan giants, even contributing greatly to the Treble winner in 2015.

The Brazilian star then left with the status of the world’s most expensive player after being redeemed for no less than 220 million euros by Paris Saint-Germain.

Although three years have passed, the fact is that almost every year Neymar is rumored to be returning to Camp Nou. It is said that Barcelona still wants to bring back the former Santos player.

The same goes for the transfer market this summer. The Catalan giants are rumored to be seeking Neymar Jr’s return to Camp Nou again.

But this is certainly not true, as confirmed by Josep Maria Bartomeu. According to him, this is tantamount to carrying out an impossible mission because PSG as the owner of the player has no intention of selling him.

“Chasing a player whose club does not want to sell it is something that is impossible,” explained Bartomeu to Barca TV.

Even so, Bartomeu cannot deny the fact that Barcelona did try to repatriate Neymar in the transfer market last summer.

“In the summer of last year, we did try to send him home.” He said.

For the President, it is very natural that Paris Saint-Germain are reluctant to let go of their star players, especially in the midst of a pandemic like this.

“With a pandemic situation like this, it’s only natural that the club doesn’t want to put it in the transfer market. This is normal. ” he said.

Neymar himself had just succeeded in delivering Paris Saint-Germain to the final of the European Champions League. While Barcelona had already been eliminated sadly after losing 2-8 in the semifinals.

After this failure, it is believed that Barcelona will make an overhaul of the squad this summer. Barcelona’s management will sell several aging players and recruit potential young players.

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