Prilly Latuconsina reveals how much her endorsement fee on Instagram

Endorsement is one of Prilly Latuconsina’s income from social media, as well as being an ad star. So, how much is the tariff set by Aliando’s ex-lover for endorsement?

To promote a product that we have, it really needs to be done in Social Media, one way to endorsement. Please note, endorsement is advertising media through social media account posts that have a lot of followers.

For now, celebrities have more followers, because they have a lot of fans.

But it must also be known that people who want to advertise their products through Instagram accounts of celebrities, must ready to prepare a big budget. The reason is because the number of celebrity followers is millions and even more than ten millions.

So far, Prilly Latuconsina is listed as one of the country’s celebrities who has the highest number of followers. As far as we are watching, the 23-year-old woman has 34.7 million followers on Instagram.

With that many followers, then how much is the rate to be paid, if you want to endorse on Prilly’s Instagram account?

Apparently, Boy William was also curious about this, he then tried to take advantage of the collaboration opportunity with Prilly to ask questions. It was surprised because Prilly stopped arguing when Boy William mentioned the figure of IDR 100 million.

“How much is your endorsement fee?” Asked Boy William.

“Make a guess?” said Prilly.

“IDR 20 or 50 million?” replied Boy William.

“No. hahaha. Posts and videos fee are different,” said Prilly Latuconsina.

“IDR 100 million, yes,” guessed William William.

“Yeah, haha, it’s closed,” Prilly answered again.

Yes, IDR 100 million is the amount of tariffs paired by Prilly for endorsements on her Instagram account. Even so, the 23-year-old woman insisted that she also did not carelessly receive endorsements, only the products she used or that she liked.

“I have never discussed it anywhere, only in Boy content. It’s okay, so next people don’t have to ask anymore, if they want to endorse, “said Boy.

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