Terbukti Bersalah, Mantan Presiden Barcelona Ditangkap Polisi

Proven Guilt, Former President of Barcelona Police Arrested

Josep Maria Bartomeu, the former president of Barcelona, ​​has been arrested by the local police due to the Barcagate scandal. So, what is Barcagate that got the former President caught?

It should be noted, in fact, the Barcagate Scandal has started to be heard since February 2020, meaning that one year has passed. At that time, many Barcelona fans discussed this issue, but the club issued an official rebuttal.

However, as reported by Cadena SER and RAC1, now the evidence has been gathered and is strong enough, where finally Bartomeu and several other people such as Roman Gomez Ponti, Oscar Grau and Jaume Masferrer were also arrested by the police.

The four of them were taken to a nearby police station and awaited an opportunity to make a statement. Even though they were detained, they were reportedly able to return home on Monday night local time.

Marca reported that in fact the arrest was not a verdict from the local court, but from the Catalan Police Unit, known as Mossos d’Esquadra.

Meanwhile, Barcagate itself is a term given by the local media regarding a major scandal one year ago. This is related to reports of allegations that Barcelona officials hired the services of Buzzer to attack players who were not in line with the club’s leadership.

In more detail, the aim of the Buzzer itself is to spread propaganda, as if to justify every club decision. When Barca are struggling, losing or in a bad moment, the players are the targets of bad news.

Cadena SER claims that there are two senior Barcelona players who are targeted by the Buzzer, they are Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique. As is known, these two players are often at odds with Barcelona’s leadership.

In fact, Lionel Messi himself had openly criticized the club’s leadership in the era of Josep Maria Bartomeu.

According to some reports, Barca pays I3 Ventures up to a total of 1 million euros per year. Apart from attacking Messi et al. I3 Ventures should also polish Bartomeu’s public image.

According to the information, the payment process itself is carried out periodically, under 200 million euros for each payment so that it does not require permission from the club board.

Wow, it turns out that Lionel Messi’s concerns are true, it’s no wonder he had planned to leave Barcelona last summer.

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